Mold Testing Spring, TX

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Breathe Pure offers black mold removal, Spring TX services for homeowners and businesses in and around the area. While all molds are dangerous and should be removed when discovered, black mold is associated with several health issues and is a cause of concern for many people.

Mold testing is crucial to the successful removal of mold from your home or business in Spring, TX. Testing makes the identification of mold contamination and the mold type responsible for the contamination possible. If you have the presence of mold or want to confirm if you have mold damage, our mold testing Spring, TX can answer all the questions you have.

Professional Black Mold Removal in Spring, TX

When You Should Do Mold Testing Spring, TX

Although mold testing should be a part of mold removal process, some instances require you to request mold testing.

Water Damage

Mold damage almost always follows water damage, except when you take precautionary measures immediately. If you are not sure whether the water damage might have led to the growth of mold, you should call us for a mold testing Spring, TX immediately.

Strange Smell

The presence of mold often comes with a pungent smell in the area of the contamination. If mold is growing behind the wallpapers, in the walls and other hidden places, you might detect a strange smell. When you do, a mold test can confirm if it’s mold or not.

Sudden Health Issues

Family, employees and pets fall sick. But when most of your loved ones and employees are down with unexplained respiratory ailments, it’s crucial to contact us for mold testing Spring, TX immediately. Our technicians will respond to your call and commence testing to confirm the presence of mold.

Buying or Selling a Home

Mold damage reduces the value of properties. Before selling your Spring, TX home, you should do a mold testing to confirm if there’s mold in the basement or attic. This will enable you carry out a mold removal and sell your property for a high price. When buying a home, you also want to make sure you aren’t purchasing a home with mold infestation. Mold testing can help you prevent that.

What to Expect From Our Mold Testing Spring, TX

  • Complete visual inspection of every part of your home

  • Air quality tests

  • Surface tests

  • Analysis of tests by an independent laboratory

  • Comprehensive report plus mold removal recommendations

  • 100% Customer satisfaction 

Want Mold Testing? Contact Us

We are highly committed to helping you overcome whatever mold concerns or challenges you may have with our mold testing Spring, TX service. Contact us if you have further questions or to request a free assessment and quote.

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